How can We
With Single CLI Command?


Rector is a CLI tool written in PHP. It can instantly upgrade old PHP code and handle automated refactorings. It's fast and precise - changes 5000 files under minute.

The code is open-sourced on GitHub.

First Run

Add Rector to your project to save hours of manual boring work:

composer require rector/rector --dev
vendor/bin/rector init
vendor/bin/rector --dry-run


Mission? Give You Power to
Turn Legacy Code into Clean Code

We're here to help every company and developer on the planet to get rid of any legacy PHP. Remove maintenance, cut costs of features to fractions and shift focus back to feature delivery and sustainable code that is joy to read.


Learn Rector in Depth from a Book

In May 2021 we've released a book:
Rector - The Power of Automated Refactoring

What's inside the book?

  • How Rector works internally?
  • How to create your own rules and how test them?
  • Why Rector was born?
  • How will next 5 years of PHP shape differently?
Grab a Copy!

By buying the book you directly support Rector maintainers.


How Rector makes your Life Easier?

Smarter Code

Cheaper Features

Faster Onboarding


Continuous Upgrades

Automated Code Reviews


What do people Love about Rector?

"Since last week, I automated several months of mindless work.
Rector is one of my best friends in the fight against legacy."

"Just upgraded PHPUnit 4 to 8 with Rector in 3 seconds."

"Rector is one of the most useful projects PHP developers overlook.
It upgrades your Symfony 3 app to Symfony 4."