1-Month Framework Migration Challenge

"It's not possible."
"It's like these fake adds on losing 10 kg per week."
"It's a lie."

This is what we've heard after we migrated from Nette to Symfony in 80 hours.

We know it's true and so does the happy customers:

Jan Mikes


Rector helped us to get rid of our frustration with Nette application by migrating it to Symfony.

Before, we could only dream of it. But within nearly 17 days with Rector refactoring, we had our 55 000+ lines app (150+ routes) running on Symfony 4.2 in production. What a joy!

But Rector is here for all people with project of all frameworks and all sizes and we want to prove it even more.

That's why we organize the 1-Month Framework Migration Challenge, to get more case studies that demonstrate what Rector can do for you. During 1 month, we'll migrate your framework A to your framework B. Does it sound crazy? No, it's just super simple.

Migrated projects  

These are the projects we've already migrated and projects we look for. Some of them are free, some of them are paid, so we can develop Rector and make it better, reliable and get it closer to omnipotent instant upgrade and refactoring tool.

Project From To Size (loc) Team Hours of Work Case Study
EntryDo 54 357 2 people 80 hrs Read Case Study
? ? < 1 month Get Free Spot
? ? < 1 month Get Paid Spot

We have only limited amount of spots for each migration. We reserve right to reject projects for insufficient capacity.

  How does the Cooperation look like?

Project Acceptance Criteria

  • commercial project
  • at least 50 000 lines of PHP code (measured by phploc, without tests, fixtures, migrations and templates)

We Need from You

  • NDA that allows us share anonymous data of migration in case study
  • cooperation and open mind
  • share "why" do you want to migrate

  Do you want to be first on the Mars?

Well, you have to ask Ellon Musk for that, but we can help you migrate your code in record time.

Fill the request form and we'll get back to you in 7 days: