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San Deigo, California

aRes Travel is #1 provider of discounted attractions, hotels and vacation packages.

Upgrade PHP 7.2, Symfony 2.8 to fully typed PHP 8

  • Setup up high quality CI pipeline battery with bulletproof checks
  • Remove dead methods, dead classes, unused pckages, TWIG filters and helpers
  • Highly improve unit test coverage to make changes more reliable and safer

Mellbourne, Australia

EonX develops fully branded enterprise platforms for organisations looking to better connect, reward and securely transact with their members, customers and employees.

Upgrade Laravel 5.5 to Laravel 5.8

  • Implementation of ECS, PHPStan and Rector
  • Standardisation of namespace
  • Standardisation of tests

"From upgrading our legacy projects and improving team's productivity, to making code review easier and more reliable, Rector is in the center within our PHP ecosystem."

Nathan Page, Technical Lead at EONX

New York

Spaceflow is a tenant experience app that connects buildings with their occupiers.

Upgrade from Symfony 3.4 to Symfony 4.4

  • Migration from Doctrine ID to UUID
  • Implementation of Gitlab CI with ECS, PHPStan and Rector
  • Replacement of messy classes with PSR-4

"Thanks to Rector, we were able to quite simply refactor the core of our API, which saved a lot of work that our developers would otherwise have to do manually."

Milan Mimra, CTO at Spaceflow

Rotterdam, Netherlands

JCID is a web development company that is engaged daily in developing custom solutions that eliminate labor-intensive problems within business operations.

Upgrade from Symfony 2.7 to Symfony 3.4

  • Conversion of XML to YAML/PHP configuration
  • Implementation of Gitlab CI with ECS, PHPStan and Rector

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