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How to Inline Value Object in Symfony PHP Config

Rector uses PHP Symfony configs for many good reasons.

One of them is the possibility to have control over complex configurations with value objects. Would you like such features in your configs too? Unfortunately, Symfony does not support it out of the box.

What can we do about it?

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Rector is Moving From YAML to PHP Configs - What Changes and How to Get Ready?

In July 2020, we started to move from the configuration in YAML to one defined in PHP. The YAML configuration is now deleted in Rector core and won't be supported next 0.8 release.

What benefits PHP brings, how the rule configuration changes, and how to prepare yourself?

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How to Migrate From PHPExcel to PHPSpreadsheet with Rector in 30 minutes

PHPExcel is a package for working with Excel files in PHP. The last version was released in 2015, and it was deprecated in 2017. Still, it has over 27 000 daily downloads - that's tons of legacy code.

Do you use it too? Do you want to switch to PHPSpreadsheet? You can do it today.

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Upgrading Glami to PSR-4, part 1: What and why?

In April 2019 we upgraded Glami's big codebase to follow PSR-4.
It was a great success! In this part, we will go through what PSR-4 is and it's benefits.

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How to install Rector despite Composer Conflicts

Rector is a composer package. If you install it, it has to meet install requirements conditions.
But how can you upgrade your Symfony 2.8, when Rector needs at least Symfony 4.4?

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