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How to Migrate From PHPExcel to PHPSpreadsheet with Rector in 30 minutes

PHPExcel is a package for working with Excel files in PHP. The last version was released in 2015, and it was deprecated in 2017. Still, it has over 27 000 daily downloads - that's tons of legacy code.

Do you use it too? Do you want to switch to PHPSpreadsheet? You can do it today.

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Upgrading Glami to PSR-4, part 1: What and why?

In April 2019 we upgraded Glami's big codebase to follow PSR-4.
It was a great success! In this part, we will go through what PSR-4 is and it's benefits.

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How to install Rector despite Composer Conflicts

Rector is a composer package. If you install it, it has to meet install requirements conditions.
But how can you upgrade your Symfony 2.8, when Rector needs at least Symfony 4.4?

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