You won't have to upgrade PHP code manually - ever again

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Projects with Instant Upgrade

2 Ways to Turn Legacy Code into Joy

Instant Upgrades

Do you want to migrate from PHP 5.3 to 7.1?
Do you want to use the newest Symfony without reading changelogs?
Are you stuck on legacy code because you have to "delivery features"?

Instant Refactoring

Do you migrate from legacy code?
Do you want to switch from Nette to Symfony?
Do you want turn static to constructor injection in 1000 classes?

Must be Complicated, Right?

You Don't Have to Take my Word for it

Jan Mikes


Rector helped us to get rid of our frustration with Nette application by migrating it to Symfony.

Before, we could only dream of it. But within nearly 17 days with Rector refactoring, we had our 55 000+ lines app (150+ routes) running on Symfony 4.2 in production. What a joy!

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