You don't have to upgrade PHP code manually - ever again

Oh, Really?  🤔 

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We're working on a service, that will run Rector on your all repositories and all PRs on per-commits basis - Rector CI. Instantly with zero-setup - we'll handle Rector install, composer conflicts and PHP PHP 7.0- version for you.

Do you want to try it? Write us to get into private beta.

Companies Rector already helped

Do you have a Nette application you want to switch to Symfony 4.3?
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How will Rector make your life easier?

  For Developers

  • Do you want to migrate your code from PHP 5.3 to 7.4?
  • Do you want to use the newest Symfony code without reading all the files?
  • Do you want turn static to constructor injection in 1000 classes in seconds?
  • Or refactor custom code at scale without rebasing?

Download Rector on Github and use it.

  For CEOs

  • Are you stuck on legacy code because you have to "delivery features"?
  • Do you use old framework, that slows down your product?
  • Does your team complain about legacy code, but you just can't stop development for 6 months?
  • Do you want keep delivering features and migrate framework at the same time?

Contact us and get ahead of your competition.

  What is Rector's ultimate goal?

To help every developer in the planet with fresh or legacy PHP code to use the latest PHP, the most advanced version of their favorite framework and the latest craftsman patterns there will be.

Without work, instantly, so they can focus on what they love most - thinking about algorithms and writing fresh code.

To make this happen, we need your support. We look for developer backers and for company sponsors.

1 rule for your code? 1 rule-set tailored to your project? Check all treats you can get depending on your level support.

  What people say?

We work on updating our project to the newest Symfony with the help of Rector - it's agreat tool, thank you!
Hulkkonen Aleksi
Rector helped us to get rid of our frustration with Nette application by migrating it to Symfony. We thought we could only dream of it, but within 17 days we had our app running on Symfony 4.2 in production.
Jan Mikes – CTO @ EntryDo
Very useful tool presented well. I'm sold :)
Alexander Makarov – Yii Framework Core Developer
A very interesting talk indeed. Shame on me, but I've never thought before how to automate the refactoring process. Now I have a couple of instruments to learn and try.
Aleksey Stoletov