The Way You can Finally

Rector instantly upgrades PHP code and handles automated refactoring for you.
It's precise and blazing fast with 5 000 files under a minute.


We Turn Legacy Code into
Valuable and Sustainable Code

We're here to help every company and developer on the planet to get out of legacy PHP.
Reduce maintenance, cut costs of features to fractions and shift focus back to feature delivery and sustainable code.


 12 companies hired us this year...


We Deliver 10x Faster and Cheaper
thanks to Experience with 50+ Upgrades

Rector Chart
"90 % of problems we face will be for the first time.
The Rector team has already seen them and know how to solve all of them."
One of our Honest Clients


Rector Empowers your Project

Cheaper Features  

Faster Onboarding  

Happier Developers  


What Companies Love about Rector?

"Thanks to Rector, we were able to quite simply refactor the core of our API, which saved a lot of work that our developers would otherwise have to do manually."

Milan Mimra, CTO at Spaceflow

"I'm extremely pleased with the progress we are making.
It's really come a long way."

William Adam Gleiss, VP of Technology at aRes Travel

"From upgrading our legacy projects and improving team's productivity, to making code review easier and reliable, Rector is in the center within our PHP ecosystem."

Nathan Page, Technical Lead at EONX